The COVID-19 economies. One of the major concerns surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is the impact on the local, national and global economy. Experts are already working on studies and research on the consequences of the impending recession in international markets. Also in medium and small companies and even in how labor activities will change.

Paolo Surico & Andrea Galeotti, economics teachers at the London Bussines School are already working on these issues. Recently, at their institution, they gave a series of three conferences around the economic consequences of the Coronavirus crisis.

The document that we offer in this section corresponds to the material used during the conferences. Important analyzes and comparative statistics between countries, times, ways of facing the problem and thus, possible solutions and recipes to survive economically, proven from the experience of others.

The COVID-19 economies

Specialists begin by analyzing epidemiological models, even temporary ones such as the plague or the Spanish flu. Also current care policies: containment or suppression and which have given better results. A careful analysis of the current resection at the micro and macroeconomic level. A table of fiscal years that have emerged since the beginning of the pandemic in countries such as Italy, Spain, China or Korea. In short, a complete overview of the COVID-19 economies.

We believe that this document is an extremely important tool for those interested in local, national and global economic recession, and how, from the experience of other countries, we can learn to solve the crisis in a better and fairer way.

Here you can find attached “The Economics of a Pandemic: the Case of Covid-19:

The economics of a pandemic: the case of Covid-19