Theory and practice: COVID-19 for specialists (BMJ Best Practice)

COVID-19 theory and practice for hospitals? More than ten thousand doctors, researchers, and specialists from the BJM Best Practice curriculum. This English company has specialized in creating accurate and proven tools for diagnosis and treatment in general medical practice. Rated by many as a “clinical calculator,” this site offers a “Clinical Decision Support Tool.” Given the urgency of COVID-19, the pandemic study channel has been opened free of charge for those who wish to use its resources.

BMJ’s study channel spans five areas. Theory, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and resources. For each module, there are documents, algorithms, patient clinical sheets, statistics, and videos. Guidelines that can be of great help not only to doctors but also to nurses and other specialists who wish to learn COVID-19 theory and practice.

COVID-19 Theory and Practice: How BJM Best Practice Works

This information bank began operating from March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a global pandemic. Thus, more than 65 thousand references, texts and knowledge of more than 1,600 specialists and the review of more than 2,500 peers have been gathered. In addition to advice and other instructions offered free of charge by this exceptional space of knowledge tested under clinical rigor.

From epidemiology to etiology or differentials. Screening, monitoring, recommendations or prevention. This guide covers everything from admission to follow-up that you will have to offer to those recovering. Also, a guide to explain and discuss with each patient about their status and treatment opportunities.

In addition to work routes, the site offers other references to important documentation. More than 40 instructions for analysis and treatments practiced by hospitals and research centers. The bulk of the information collected by BJM Best Practice can be downloaded in PDF, in several languages, of course, English incluided.

This document can certainly help save lives.