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Our Services

CRPS offers a complete span of services, may it be for assistance in the administrative, regulatory, or logistic issues.  

We cover research and the real world, we look beyond what is expected to advance human health. CRPS combines technology and resources to get the very best of clinical research for your project. 


Partner company to transform your idea into a merchantable product, discover new benefits to your projects, and assist with defining the most successful path for your project.

We elaborate the right protocol for your product, allowing to prove its efficacy and ensure its implementation.

Professionals, experts in their area, design clinical studies adapted to your objectives. We have experience for phases I, II, III and IV, as well as post market surveillance.

We elaborate the product and document writing in accordance with every local and international norms and regulations it has to apply to.

We have the team and experience to facilitate product or protocol approval by FDA, COFEPRIS, and other regulatory institutions. We assist you in any regulatory issue you may have, as well as take you through the list of documents and steps to follow to obtain necessary protocol permits. We provide legal support for registrations and legal support for drugs, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, cosmetics, among others. 

CRPS gives you all the necessary means to realize your project, from protocol writing to contracting the best clinical research centers and researchers. We organize the logistic from start to finish. All procedures follow a defined standard to ensure the quality of the study and results.

We ensure that our partner clinical research centers reach an optimal patient recruitment and retention rate.

During the whole duration of your product’s protocol, we guarantee full monitoring to ensure a smooth going of the projected timeline as well as the well-going of all operations. We can provide monitors and the necessary resources to ensure your research quality.  

Data is crucial to ensure the success of a clinical trial. We use the latest technology to safely manage all data related to the trial process, patients, and project. We have digital platforms and quality tools to make data management more efficient.  

Relevant data analysis in order to optimize results.

We integrate safe and efficient technology in all our process to increase productivity and results. Part of that is the electronic submission to our Institutional Review Board, which saves time and money.

After we have proved your product’s efficacy and it has successfully reached the market, we ensure it maintains its verified status.

Commited to Quality

Strategic alliances with top clinical research centers

Top quality research centers that comply with all necessary local and international norms.

Excellent response time: less than 24 hours

Our team of competent professionals will respond in less than 24 hours. Client care is a priority for CRPS.

Competitive prices without compromising our high-quality standard

Contact us to discover our competitive costs and everything we can do so that your product can conquer the market.

Personalized services, including pilot clinical projects

We know that many projects can’t go the classic way. We are here to help you prove your product’s worth by offering a personalized service adapted to your special needs.

Experience with diverse areas such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, and much more

We manage clinical trials for phases I, II, III and IV, and also prove the efficacy for products that aren’t necessarily pharmaceuticals. We count with our strong regulatory experience with cosmetic and nutraceutical products as well.

Adaptable development services

Whatever phase your project is as, or whatever impasseyour product is facing, we can find a solution. We do not limit ourselves and always seek innovative solutions.

Experts in strategic orientation and regulatory affairs

Our team of experts are able to efficiently consult you on strategic issues in every phase of your project, may it be beginning or already entering a new market.

Commitment to responsibility and quality

We always act responsibly towards all our stakeholders, may they be clients, patients, or collaborators.  

Our Clients

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